Toy Review – The Ditto by We-Vibe

I never saw myself putting something more unpleasant into my butt than that one Tantus plug I bought when I was 19 and knew nothing about butts, but I was sorely mistaken.     Hah. See [...]


The SexBloggess Wishlist

I’ll tell you want I want, what I really really want… Stuff I’d really like to try, stuff I feel sort of excited about, stuff I think might really work for me, but also stuff I [...]


Toy Review – The Rave by We-Vibe

  Oh the Rave, how excited I was, how disappointed I actually am. Unfortunately, my review of the Rave is actually more of a rant.   I got ahold of the We-Vibe Rave after having [...]


Toy Review – The We-Vibe Touch

  If you’re looking at purchasing a clitoral vibrator from We-Vibe, like many readers before you, you will probably find yourself wondering “Touch, or Tango?” The reason [...]


Mini Review Round-up

Below you’ll find a list of toys that I’m just probably not going to ever get around to writing a full 4000-word review for, but I occasionally reference them in other reviews and [...]


Toy Review – The We-Vibe 4Plus and Sync

Hi there! Been a while huh? You might have noticed (or maybe you didn’t) that the site looks a little different than the last time you dropped by – that’s because for the better [...]