– White

– Cis-gender

– DFAB (female)

– Bisexual

– Able-bodied

– Without mental illness/not on anti-depressants. I take hormonal birth control pills but the ones I am currently on do not seem to affect my libido.

– Mid-twenties

– American immigrant to Canada

– English-speaking


– 5’1″ish

– 130lbsish

– Pear-shaped (smaller in the chest than hips)

– My clitoral hood completely covers my clitoris, making direct contact impossible, and clit-surrounding devices possibly not workable.

– I most often need intense, steady clitoral stimulation to orgasm, somewhere between “pinpoint” and broad, or water jets (showerhead, jacuzzi jets, etc)

– I often enjoy vaginal or anal stimulation but very rarely orgasm from those alone, either by nature or by choice, so clitoral stimulation is a must

– NOT a size-queen, for both length and girth. My girthiest toy is 2″ diameter, and I find it difficult to use.

– Finds too much texture to be anything from unappealing to very  painful


– I’m married to an older, cis het male

– Our relationship is open-ish, but we’re not polyamorous

– I’m kinky (submission, service, rope, and impact are my main loves)

– 50% super femme, 30% punk butch, 20% pajama chic…but really just naked most of the time

– Sex-positive

– Body-positive

– Feminist

– Ex-nude model

– Domestic Goddess hobbyist baker

– Crafter

– Mess-making extraordinare

– Winter time hermit

– Also summer time hermit

– Penguin collector

– Nail polish obsessive

– Pepsi addict

– Night owl