Are You Asking The Right Questions About Squirting?

Squirting – it’s trending right now. It has been for a few years with everyone from Cosmopolitan to Buzzed News, The Frisky to Refinery29, Thoughtcatalog, Women’s Health [...]


The SexBloggess Wishlist

I’ll tell you want I want, what I really really want… Stuff I’d really like to try, stuff I feel sort of excited about, stuff I think might really work for me, but also stuff I [...]


Understanding My Weird Vulva

Disclaimers: This post has the potential to go in a million different directions, so consider this your warning that I may ramble off into tangents I recognize and believe that not everyone with [...]


A Safer, Sex-Positive Community? What Does That Look Like? – Reflections from Playground Conference 2015

I wrote previously about my experience with one of the presentations offered at Toronto’s 2015 Playground Conference, and even though it was many many weeks ago now, I’m still working [...]


My Sexual Voice

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first conference on sexuality since embarking on my blogging adventure. It was called Playground, hosted right at home in Toronto, a three-day [...]


Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Knowing how to properly care for your sex toys is crucial for not only keeping them in good shape, but for keeping You in good health as well. The words above – Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize, [...]