Are You Asking The Right Questions About Squirting?

Squirting – it’s trending right now. It has been for a few years with everyone from Cosmopolitan to Buzzed News, The Frisky to Refinery29, Thoughtcatalog, Women’s Health Magazine, and Marie Claire for God’s sake debating and talking and polling and sharing funny little .gifs about the mystery of “female ejaculation” (their words, not mine) , having pulled the […]

Getting To Know My G-spot

    Despite possessing it for twenty-some odd years and being aware of its existence for at least a decade, I still haven’t fully grasped all the nuances of my finicky G-spot. In fact I wouldn’t claim to have even really brushed the surface – I didn’t even really start masturbating with penetration of any […]

Understanding My Weird Vulva

Disclaimers: This post has the potential to go in a million different directions, so consider this your warning that I may ramble off into tangents I recognize and believe that not everyone with a vulva is a woman, nor does every woman have a vulva. This post is meant to be about my personal life […]

My Sexual Voice

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first conference on sexuality since embarking on my blogging adventure. It was called Playground, hosted right at home in Toronto, a three-day learning and sharing experience based on themes surrounding sexuality as a whole, consent, alternative lifestyles like polyamory and kink, sex positivity, community – all things important to […]