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Toy Review – The Duo by Womanizer

Continuing my strange new influx of dual-stimulators, we have the Duo, courtesy of Womanizer.  Out of the 3 Womanizers and 6 Satisfyers I’ve tried, I’ve only really liked maybe 3? And of those 3 total only 1 is a Womanizer – the Pro40 – which of course was discontinued last year after it became one […]

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For The Love Of Fucking Packers

No I mean like…fucking packers. I’ve long been on the search for the perfect dildos. In my case, perfect means soft, squishy, pliable. Boring in shape and accommodating in size, I’m most pleased by something that closely mimics the feel of a real penis (stiff, funky shapes and large sizes are painful for me.)   […]

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