Toy Review – The Swan Wand Mini by BMS Factory

In a strange turn of events for someone who, prior to starting this blog didn’t even own a dildo, I seem to have myself an embarrassment of excellent dildos lately but not a single [...]


Toy Review – The Snug Plug by b-Vibe

I’ve been on a positive review streak as of late and I have to admit it’s been pretty nice, but you know the saying – All good things must end. Unfortunately we end with the [...]


Toy Review – The Ergo by Blush Novelties

I was astonished a few months ago to find a dildo that was so perfect it could oust my first true love – the Vixen Mustang – for my number-one-fave, so you can perhaps imagine my [...]


Toy Review – The 7″ Pro Silicone Suction Cup Dildo by Cloud9

Suction cup-based dildos. It seemed like a good idea at the time…     A few months back I saw Early To Bed posting about these 100% silicone dildos that were only twenty-five [...]


Toy Review – The Adam Super Soft by Tantus

Listen up people, I’ve got somethin’ to say!     I fucking love this dildo. Oh. My. Jesus. It’s so good.   Not words you’re used to seeing from me, right? [...]


Toy Review – The Crescendo by MysteryVibe

God I hate this toy. I hate this toy more because it was actually not a terrible idea but the reality of it falls so short, it can only build a deep resentment for its horrible failure. [...]


Toy Review – The Ditto by We-Vibe

I never saw myself putting something more unpleasant into my butt than that one Tantus plug I bought when I was 19 and knew nothing about butts, but I was sorely mistaken.     Hah. See [...]


Dear Companies – Addressing Privacy Concerns Amongst Sex Writers

Dearly beloved peddlers of my favourite sexual wares – this one’s for you   The World Wide Web is staring down its 30’s, Google is finally old enough to buy cigarettes, and [...]


Toy Review – Womanizer Pro40

  Oh Womanizer. I definitely don’t love you, I kind of want to hate you – truthfully, I don’t know what I feel about you.   Despite knowing they were huge unapologetic [...]


Toy Review – The Don by Doxy

  The Doxy Don (formerly the Skittle)…a review that has been a long time coming. Just prior to last year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Doxy put out a call on Twitter to any [...]