Mini Review Round-up

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Below you’ll find a list of toys that I’m just probably not going to ever get around to writing a full 4000-word review for, but I occasionally reference them in other reviews and they’re listed in my Nightstand so I wanted to at least say something about them. If you have any further questions feel free to drop me a line.



Lelo Gigi : My first “luxury” vibe, used to love it, nowadays I don’t even bother to keep it charged – I like other stuff better. Not a bad vibe but obviously not my fave, could still get me off in a pinch. Has since been upgraded to a “2” by Lelo.

Lelo Smart Wand Large : I bought this because I thought I wanted a waterproof wand for the bathtub. As it turns out I don’t really like using most of my sex toys while actually in the bath – it’s tough for me to get comfortable and the vibrations are different underwater, it’s not nearly as pleasurable as I imagined it would be. The vibrations aren’t terrible but I don’t think it has the power of my Hitachi. I feel like it loses a bit of oomph when I actually press it into my skin. I don’t like the very rounded head as I usually use a wand with a bit of an “edge” to it to hit my clit right. I basically never use it.

We-Vibe Tango : I mention it briefly in this review, but I don’t have much else to say, and many others have reviewed it. I use it almost daily so obviously I like it. It’s small, quiet, waterproof, powerful enough to get one orgasm but unfortunately not more than that. The tango is my go-to ‘cum so I can fall asleep’ vibe, but not often my go-to ‘cum because it’s fun and I want lots of super strong orgasms’ vibe. It’s just enough but not much more than that.




Divine Interventions Jackhammer Jesus : This was a dildo my husband owned before we met. I don’t care for a lot of texture, it’s pretty firm silicone for my tastes, and I just don’t care much about sacrilege, so I never use it.

Doc Johnson Vac-u-lock Dildos (2) : I bought these at the time I purchased my fucking machine. I did not realize just how big they were when I ordered them. They are extremely firm and just too large for me to use, so I don’t.

nJoy Pure Wand : I’m not nearly as wowed by the Pure Wand as other reviewers have been. It’s currently my smallest insertable so it’s good for effortless and warm-up-less penetration, but my g-spot doesn’t seem to respond the way other people’s seem to – outside of the smooth metal and size it’s just like any other dildo for me. I often find it too heavy to keep up with vigorous thrusting so I don’t even use it until I’m already close to orgasm so my arm doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off. I like it, I don’t OMG LOVE IT. It’s never made me squirt or have earth-shattering orgasms or any of the other things it does for lots of other people.

Tantus Anaconda Handle : Another dildo I bought not realizing it’s true size. The Anaconda is way too girthy and firm for me to use comfortably. I also don’t find toys with handles all that more easy to use than those without, it’s not like the toy bends so for me to reach the handle rather than the base of the toy I have to be practically sitting up, this is not an advantage in my opinion.

Tantus Vamp : Also too big and firm.



Aslan Leather Jaguar Harness and rodeOH briefs : I like them both, they each have a unique feel. The rodeOHs are obviously easier to clean, but I can’t change the size of the o-ring so my dildo size is more limited than with the Jaguar. The rodeOhs are also easier to get on and off, but I have a more limited access to my own genitals than with the Jaguar, and I cannot position them any other way than as they are when I wear them.

nJoy Pure Plug Large : I’ve discussed my collection of steel butt plugs in this post and at the time of writing, had not yet acquired the largest of the 3. There’s not much else I can say about the largest size that I didn’t already write about the small and medium except that it’s bigger and heavier.

Sportsheets Thigh Cuff : Unfortunately this harness just never gets used. The dildo opening is smaller than just about every toy I own and does not stretch or have an adjustable O-ring.

Tantus Fantasy Gag : Despite going off the website measurements and checking with my dildos that I would be able to fit it inside my mouth, this penis shaped gag is still somehow too large for me to even get my jaw around much less hold in my mouth for an extended period of time, so I never get to use it.




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